We Can Chose Whole Plant Foods That Support Our Unique Body Type For Each Season and Our Age.

preventing treating the most dreadeded diseasesWhole plant foods as a movement is making a comeback. Dr. Micheal Greger’s website nutritionfacts.org. is a wealth of nutritional research.  Here Dr. Greger is speaking  at a conference presenting published research  on the following :” Food as Medicine: Preventing & Treating the Most Dreaded Diseases with Diet”.

Ayurveda, India’s science of traditional medicine, not only agrees with Dr. Greger, it  adds the unique perspective of “body type system .” This  gives specificity to each unique body and it’s needs. Unique choices of fruits, vegetables, spices, grains, etc  for  the application of foods to cure all diseases. There are 500,000  licensed Ayurvedic physicians practicing in India today. There is a government branch governing the educational institutes.  Last count there are 282 university hospitals training Ayurvedic physicians.

Ayurveda’s most renown principles is that without proper diet according to body type, season and age, one can not heal properly.  Dr.Greger painstakingly reads every nutritional research magazine and breaks it down to plain english so that the everyday person can understand what was tested that works and what was tested that doesn’t work.

With both scientific nutritional research and ancient time-tested evidenced based  natural science of the ancient world we have  a complete system and confidence to use the natural way to heal. that includes pre and post surgery, chemotherapy, and medications.

We are lucky to be able to employ the ancient science of food as medicine that is being used in exclusive Ayurvedic hospitals in countries throughout the world. Click the link below to learn more.Ashwininayurvedic Hospital

In my ten week course you can learn the basic Ayurvedic body type system and find out what body type you are in the system. Have you wondered what foods make you gain weight? Or, what lifestyle practices cause you to feel anxious? Why do you get acid reflux but your friends who eat with you often don’t get heartburn?


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