Vegetables, Fruits, Grains,Legumes,Nuts,Sweeteners Are Nature’s Medicine. Learn The Ancient Principles of Eating And Living.

According to the ancients Ayurvedic cooking is the essential tool you must embrace to develop healthy self-care in your daily living. Understanding your constitution is the cornerstone of choosing your specific vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and sweeteners so that the foods act as medicines for your body.

Ayurveda teaches that we study our constitutional characteristics according to our digestion at first. We are observing our digestion so that we can determine if we have a fast metabolic rate, which shows up as our main weight history is skinny and can eat lots of food but gain weight.  This is called a predominant Vata body type.  The predominant Pitta body type runs hot, has a strong appetite and remains a medium body type, This is a moderate basal metabolic rate. If you are heavy set, that indicates you have a slow metabolic rate. This is a predominant Kapha body type.

The Vata, pitta and kapha dosha principle is the secret sauce of Ayurveda. You can learn these principle and more by taking my ayurveda Online Course.

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