Trends in Prescription Drugs For Children and Teen-agers Increase For Two Common Conditions That Can Be Nutritionally Supported With Natural Medicine.

In the May 2018 issue of JAMA, Journal of American Medical Association it is reported that attention-deficit /hyperactivity disorder, asthma for children and teens are on the rise.

Ayurveda recommends giving children and teens (give it to their-self) a body massage with sesame-based oil as the number one lifestyle practice for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Ayurveda recommends every morning before school, ground almonds in warm almond milk along with a whole grain breakfast hot or cold but hot is preferred. Blueberries every morning for healthy brain food.

In this video from nutrition, Dr. Micheal Greger explains nutritional research that shows that bananas , pineapples, and tomatoes have serotonin in them that feed the brain and nourish it for better performance under stress. Listen to this less than ten minute video for the complete story.human neurotransmitter in plantsAsthma is treated using Ayurveda every day in India in a hundred thousand offices throughout the country. Not only Ayurveda uses fruits and vegetables to treat asthma but modern scientific nutritional research shows fruits and vegetables reduce asthma symptoms significantly.

Just take a few minutes and check this video out. nutrition This is powerful research that proves eating vegetables and fruits reduce asthma events.treating Ashma with fruits and vegetables

Ayurveda has research that proves eating cloves increase lung health.  Licorice tea is also well research to alleviate breathing problems.

There is so much to learn about how Ayurveda and nutritional science work together to put together a strategy that works for your child. My class is designed for the person that either knows nothing about the subject or even the advanced student. I invite you to my online teaching experience. Just click the link below.

In my ten week course you can learn the basic Ayurvedic body type system and find out what body type you are in the system. Have you wondered what foods make you gain weight? Or, what lifestyle practices cause you to feel anxious? Why do you get acid reflux but your friends who eat with you often don’t get heartburn?

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