Three Stroke Prevention Practices

Ayurveda teaches that  people with a slow metabolism who are prone to being heavy set can be susceptible to high cholesterol, sluggish digestion, weight gain and obesity. These  are signs which set the stage for strokes.

This does not exempt from the possibility of stroke the individual who suffers from allergies, skin rashes, stomach ulcers and heartburn type symptoms. This personality type is driven to excess and can be described as addicted to intensity. The physiology under constant pressure and urgency overstimulates stomach acid and pours it into the system increasing cholesterol and bile acids.

If you suffer from constipation, heart palpitations, insomnia and are under weight you are not safe from strokes, especially as you age.

For all three of these body types, walking is the most important stroke prevention practice.

However, the body type that is prone to sluggish digestion and high cholesterol must take a vigorous walk daily.

If you are that dedicated manager who thrives off of your high powered position you need a stroll around a cool lake at lunch. A swim at your local YMCA is just as good or better.

For the under weight person who may suffer from constipation, anxiety or insomnia different types of exercise like Tai Chi, dance classes or a gentle walk around the lake.

Here is just a sample of the thousands of research pieces from google scholar that prove undeniably that exercise is a time tested evidence based proof for stroke prevention. exercise cardiac rehabilitation

Beets yes beets are the stroke prevention practice number two. Why Beets? Nutritional research found that beets are the number one vegetable for flushing bile acids out of the body. Beets are good for all body types.

What are bile acids? Bile acids are made from cholesterol and stored in the gall bladder. If you have high cholesterol or even rising cholesterol  then you have bile acids that are clogging up in the tissues of the body. When your bile acid are flowing they are important role players in good health, Anytime bile acid clog up they cause symptoms in all  body types.

Here is the recipe for Beet Stroke Prevention: Cook four beets  to tender. Put cooked beets in the blender.  Hit Puree.  Put in glass jar . Store in refrigerator.

Take two tablespoon in 1 to 2 cups of hot or cold water.  Do twice a day for 21 days three times year.Do not juice. Juicing does not retain fiber. We need the fiber.bigstock--176379871

Half an ounce of nuts unsalted daily has been found to reduce strokes by 50% in a nutritional research study done in Europe. Certainly that is an easy stroke prevention practice.

But even more important is to limit salt use and even better stop using extra salt on your food. Be careful when buying prepared foods, even at the best organic food store. Sodium is high in  so many prepared foods . The formula for sodium is for every sodium mg there should be one calorie so in other words 1mg sodium to 1 calorie. If there is more sodium than that do not buy.

No salt not so easy. I admit. This is a page from you can take a look at the research yourself and learn from this nutritional research to helpmeet the confidence to say no to salt. saltsaltnutritionfacts

In my ten week course you can learn the basic Ayurvedic body type system and find out what body type you are in the system. Have you wondered what foods make you gain weight? Or, what lifestyle practices cause you to feel anxious? Why do you get acid reflux but your friends who eat with you often don’t get heartburn?





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