Three Foods Beat Out Calcium Supplements For Osteoporosis Prevention

Ten million Americans have osteoporosis. One in three older women have severe osteoporosis that leads to spontaneous fractures. This is considered to be an epidemic.

The science of Ayurveda has taught for thousands of years that food is the ultimate medicine. Now nutritional research has done double-blind randomized studies that have shown conclusively that three foods increase bone growth far better than calcium supplements.

In the photos below are three studies that you can check out on that explain the studies on osteoporosis. It is shocking to to read that calcium supplements cause more harm than good. Go to the site and listen and find out for yourself.

“The health-related benefits of a high intake of potassium-rich, bicarbonate-rich foods (e.g., fruits and vegetables) on disease prevention (e.g., cancer, heart disease) have been gaining increasing attention in the literature, and there is growing belief, from a variety of observational, experimental, clinical, and intervention studies, that a positive link exists between potassium-rich, bicarbonate-rich foods and indices of bone health.”
Oxford Academic The Journal of Nutrition

What are these three foods? Prunes, yes it’s potent food medicine for the bones. Dried plums which includes many different kinds of plums.

Almonds,a miracle food and mentioned in many health texts for its multi-dimensional nutritional power also has been prescribed in Ayurveda for replenishing raw material for bones and nerves.

Last, but not least sesame seeds have been recommended in the healthy lifestyles practice daily regimen for all three main dosas Vata . Pitta and Kapha for centuries. Bone health depends on Zinc which is a major mineral found in sesame seeds. Ayurveda recommends a teaspoon of sesame seeds as part of your daily morning routine.

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