Ayurveda Teaches To Make Your Stand At Pre-Diabetes With Grains and Vegetables.

Diabetes is a disease that can be stopped in it’s tracks if you take a stand. Let’s talk about what is happening in the body.

Obesity and diabetes infographic detail of health care concept of obesity and diabetes. vector illustration.

Ayurveda describes pre-diabetes as an imbalance in fat tissue.  Fat tissue accumulates in the muscles is the first phase of pre-diabetes. Ayurveda teaches us that fat accumulation in the body causes these early signs: pain in the joints, excessive thirst,  excessive hunger, and weakened sex drive. Pre-diabetes can also cause breathlessness after exercise and strong desire for chilled ice water.

Current nutritional research has shown that fiber and vegetables eaten daily vigilantly, bring down blood sugar levels. Ayurveda has been teaching this for 5000 years.

Current research has also shown that eggs are dangerous for a person in a pre-diabetic state because eggs increase cholesterol as severely as smoking cigarettes. What’s the connection between cholesterol and pre-diabetes? FAT.  There are three kinds of fat. When the body is exposed to too much fat it has to store fat in the muscles and the liver and then when there is so much insulin resistance that fat eventually goes to the pancreas and then the pancreas gives out. bigstock--202670026

Bitter melon is a bitter vegetable which has been has been heavily researched for decades in many countries. Ingestion of bitter melon has been shown to cause an immediate reduction in blood sugar. There are many ways to cook and eat bitter melon. Bitter melon may take some getting used to. There are many ways to cook and eat bitter melon. and learning ways to cook it. Bitter melon has a hard and bitter taste, which is one of the challenges faced by pre-diabetic adults who choose to attack their problem with whole and natural foods.Bittermelon Half

Daikon radish is roughage for the liver. Daikon radish stimulates juices to secrete in the liver to help flush out fatty accumulation.   Fat accumulation in the liver is the second phase of pre-diabetes which slowly happens over many years.  Daikon radish can be diced finely, add to apples and celery also diced finely as a salad eaten two -three times a week.Heap of White Radish or Daikon Radish, with Selective Focus

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