Ayurveda and Your Baby’s Dosha

Observing your baby and understanding his or her doshas gives you a more effective way of responding to his or her unique individual way of being and a new tolerance for the things you don’t understand. By determining whether your baby is predominantly vata, pitta, or kapha, you acquire new tools and technology to help you guide your baby to balance before any deep imbalances set in and frustrate your baby as well as you the parent.

The first baby body type is identified as a skinny baby indicating a fast metabolic rate. This baby can be colicky and not sleep well. A newborn crying in his mothers arms

The second baby body type is the fierce, hot tempered baby is a medium size baby. She /he will get “angry” when hungry.

Mother holding her crying baby in bed

The third body type is the baby who sleeps long , when awake is  easy going and seemingly patient. This baby is born big and plump and has a slower basal metabolic rate.

In my ten week course you can learn the basic Ayurvedic body type system and find out what body type you are in the system. Have you wondered what foods make you gain weight? Or, what lifestyle practices cause you to feel anxious? Why do you get acid reflux but your friends who eat with you often don’t get heartburn?Infant Baby Girl Toddler Fat Over Weight Sitting Happy Smiling IIf you want more information fill out form and we will send you information on our Online course on Ayurveda Baby Body Types. Get Ayurveda your Baby’s Body Owners Manual.

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